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Artistic Center Tables To Inspire You

Top Living Room Side Tables

Art is the journey of a free soul – it means passion, communication, transformation. When it comes to interior design, it’s no different. Artistic center tables are our topic for today, focusing on center tables that, somehow, make you feel something you never felt before. Art is meaningful, sincere and powerful. So are these center tables.

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Eden by Boca do Lobo

Covet House Stocklist: New Sideboard Entries

Eden is a center table made with the highest quality materials and textures and can be the perfect luxury furniture piece that will enlight your living room thanks to its gold color. With an irregular shape, Eden is surely a versatile center table perfect for a cosmopolitan lifestyle. We believe interior design is the art of fulfilling souls with feelings and emotions.

Sequoia by Brabbu

Covet House Stocklist: New Sideboard Entries

center table connects people through space and moments. You know your living room will never be finished unless there’s a link connecting all the dots. The Sequoia center table represents the difference between art and what companies perceive a product. There’s a whole new dimension to it, a meaning, a purpose. It’s more than meets the eye.

    Latza by Brabbu

    Covet House Stocklist: New Sideboard Entries

    Latza center table has a unique design, ready to give any living room a strong personality and a natural look. It’s like a natural landscape in your own house. You can feel it, breathe it and you’ll surely fall in love with it. It’s diamond in your modern home decor because, sometimes, there’s more in furniture than simple physical materials.

    Koi by Brabbu

    Covet House Stocklist: New Sideboard Entries

    Koi center table is definitely a work of art ready to beautify and give the artistic touch that you are looking for your home decor. Inspired by the Koi carp, a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, this center table can be considered a symbol too for design. Koi center table can have a top in glass or marble, something that you can choose to better fit in your decor ambiance. Craftsmanship is essential as this work of art is all handcrafted – just like a poem without words.

    Monet by Boca do Lobo

    Covet House Stocklist: New Sideboard Entries

    Your home decor should never be vulgar or unrefined – that’s not who you are. The Monet center table is such an impressive out-of-the-box design. Resorting to the use of contrasting design elements and materials, it is a beautifully balanced center table which comfortably sits in any contemporary setting.


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