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Covet Awards: Reinventing The Future Of Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design represents solutions, communication, function, aesthetics, language, art – all at the same time. Design also means being free. The Covet International Awards has the goal to elevate design through inspiring ideas, revolutionary viewpoints and distinctive projects! Luxury means something that is not vulgar so we are counting on you to be part of the competition. Do you have what it takes to be the next rising star?

This Awards can to Elevate Design and Craftsmanship were created with the purpose of celebrating and elevating the arts & crafts by distinguishing the most, prestigious interior design projects.

Covet Awards: Reinventing The Future Of Interior Design

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These coveting awards were also born from a passion to revive the arts that are clearly being forgotten, therefore, bringing their legacy to our contemporary world.  The main mission is to elevate design and art to design and inspire as people who are interested in a unique and bold project.

Covet Awards: Reinventing The Future Of Interior Design

With an entry into the world of interior design, everyone who presents products, services, try to present the best and an advantage to have in relation to others. What are the benefits and what are the requirements to participate in these awards? It is easy, the main advantage is to elevate the design and the craftsmanship!

Covet Awards: Reinventing The Future Of Interior Design

Since the language of luxury design is currently a combination of craftsmanship, design and arts that tell a story of passion and emotion. Consequently, the Covet International Awards become an obvious solution to promote such a message to the world, recognizing skilled interior designers who share the same values.

Covet Awards: Reinventing The Future Of Interior Design

We remind everyone that entries for submitting projects close on 15th September 2018, just do not miss this amazing opportunity to elevate design and craftsmanship in the most singular way and the winners will showcase their projects to an audience of press, thinkers, makers and opinion leaders at the Covet International Awards in Paris, which will be taking place simultaneously with the second edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit.

Covet Awards: Reinventing The Future Of Interior Design

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