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Badih And Kantar Architects | The Masters Of Mind-blowing Projects

Badih and Kantar Architects is an enormous design company that knows how to give a special, modern and innovative treat to you most ambitious project. All the architects give a special personal touch to make a perfect final result. Its projects can combine all the styles and make it unique ambiances.

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Badih and Kantar, born in 1998, reflects how Charl Badih and Najib Kantar always dreamed of having a company that gives the solution to all design problems. With a modern look in all projects, we can say that imagination is something that blows anyone’s mind due to its remarkable design blend of elements. And then… soothing interiors come to life.

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The company sells and create projects that honor the quality and design. Most of it enhances the contemporary style architecture and reflects the urban life of these days with a soft touch of delicacy. Its projects normally transmit a calm and soft feeling of modern-oriented inspiration.

Badih and Kantar Architects designed all type of projects, since hospitality, to restaurants and residential, and has many services to offer, not only architecture but as interior design, landscape design, urban planning and constructions supervision.

Some of its projects won awards thanks to its creativity and way of think out of the box, giving grandiosity and a unique design. Clean lines, harmonious details creates a luxurious ambiance. You really need to know some of them, like Villa Blanca, The Piazza and Al Zahra. Impressive!

Don’t miss the chance to lost in these iconic projects!

Photos ©  Badih and Kantar Architects



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