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Unique Lighting Designs For Your Home Interiors

Home interiors can’t be in the dark! So you need lighting pieces to fill your room with light and warm. Today we present to you various options of Unique Lighting Designs For Your Home Interiors.

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Lighting designs are a crucial point in every room set, they complete the look and change completely the mood of the space. The placement and type of piece are important aspects to have in mind while choosing this designs. They work in collaboration with color palettes, room size, the existence, or lack of it, of natural light and furniture style and selection.

The entire look comes together as one when the right lighting design combines functionality and style.



Suspension lighting designs are usually used in bigger spaces where the design can glow and mesmerize everyone with its impact and personality. In the selection above we see three incredible designs by DelightFULL.

The incredible Cannonball represents the perfect explosion of luxury. This design came to reinvent what mid-century modern design means. Next, it is the unique Hendrix Light, inspired by millions and millions of vinyl records of the famous American guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. Last, but not least, we find Amy Suspension Light, a piece inspired by the great singer and songwriter British legend, this design tries to embody the artist’s soul.



Floor lamps are normally found in living room sets and they make a huge difference in the entire look. Following the images order, we can see incredible designs like Janis Floor Lamp, inspired by Janis Joplin’s music “Best of The Best Gold” this recreates the spirit of the 60’s. Next up, we have Botti, a unique bold design with musical vibes from the jazz musician Chris Botti. Found in a softer and pinky room we find the outstanding Armstrong, inspired by the first man to ever step on the moon.



Have an empty space in your table, side table, center table or any table type? Maybe a good and unique lighting design may fill the space in the best way. Donna Lamp exudes a majestic feeling that incorporates the Hollywood red carpets and glamour. Next up we see Botti Lamp but in the table lamp form. This mesmerizing design embodies the form of a classic trumpet with a touch of elegance and creativity. Lastly, we find Billy, a very versatile piece that turns into a chameleon in any room set, fitting perfectly in any room decor.

Other Lighting Designs Inspirations



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